CMS (Content Management System) Solutions

You might have heard the acronym, CMS (Content Management System), being mentioned in and around the interweb. A CMS website will allow you to manage parts of your own website. This can save you time and money when it comes to adding articles and information to your website. However, time can pass so quickly while you are busy building your business in which case, you can always apply for one of our SLA Plans. :-)

We specialise in Joomla Web Design and Development as well as Custom Joomla Templates in Gauteng and South Africa.
Not limited to Joomla, we also offer other CMS developed websites like WordPress.
The benefits of having a CMS Websites stretch beyond your expectations.

We also offer upgrade services from Joomla 1.5.X to 3.X.X.

Once you have a Joomla core in place, you can add extensions more extension like:
Online shops
Submission forms
Booking systems
Listing services
...and more!

CRM (Client Relation Management) Solutions

CRM (Client Relation Management) Systems will help you manage and maintain aspects of Client Relations.

A CRM system will allow you to manage your business and allow clients to access their information via a portal.

We specialise in vTiger Development as well as Joomla Bridges in South Africa.  From a standard setup to bespoke modules specific to your business, we put the "min" in "admin".   Yes, we see the terrible pun there. :)

It won't take you long to see the benefits of having your very own system, as well as an App for those 'on the move'.

  • Enhance your sales by gathering leads, creating opportunites, convert leads and opportunities into Clients and Services.
  • Centralise your client information, generate quotes and even convert them into invoices.
  • Inventory and Services Management.
  • Mailchimp Integration.
  • FAQ and Ticket Support for your clients.
  • Automate your workflows.
  • Run Projects, Milestones and Project Tasks.

But that's not all!  Contact us now and receive...
...your very own CRM System ;)