CRM (Client Relation Management) Systems will help you manage and maintain aspects of Client Relations.

A CRM system will allow you to manage your business and allow clients to access their information via a portal.

We specialise in vTiger Development as well as Joomla Bridges in South Africa.  From a standard setup to bespoke modules specific to your business, we put the "min" in "admin".   Yes, we see the terrible pun there. :)

It won't take you long to see the benefits of having your very own system, as well as an App for those 'on the move'.

  • Enhance your sales by gathering leads, creating opportunites, convert leads and opportunities into Clients and Services.
  • Centralise your client information, generate quotes and even convert them into invoices.
  • Inventory and Services Management.
  • Mailchimp Integration.
  • FAQ and Ticket Support for your clients.
  • Automate your workflows.
  • Run Projects, Milestones and Project Tasks.

But that's not all!  Contact us now and receive...
...your very own CRM System ;)