Discover the crucial role of website maintenance in ensuring peak performance and security with our Maintenance Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our month-to-month SLA maintenance services offer comprehensive updates and security measures, safeguarding your online presence and ensuring your website's longevity.


What the SLA Entails


The following tasks are examples of what is carried out with a SLA:


System Upgrades


Website Upgrades


This involves keeping your website or system updated with the latest software and security releases (including paid components). This also involves PHP upgrades.

This is an imperative base of the SLA.  


Depending on how much software is on the site, this can take a minimum of 45 mins to 60 mins.*

Content Management


Content Maintenance


This includes adding new basic content like blogs or editing existing content.

This is only possible if the initial functionality has been added to the site (can be added at a separate cost relative to the add-on).

This does not include new functionality or new menu pages.


This can take anywhere from 15mins onwards.*

Links & Redirects


Links & Redirects


This involves checking your site for broken links and fixing them at the client instructions.


This can take anywhere from 15 mins to 60 mins depending on the number of links.*

IP Checks


IP Checks


If hosting with us, this involves checking suspicious IP hits on the website and blocking them for security purposes.


This can take about 15 mins depending on the amount of IP's hitting the site illegitimately.*

Google Checks


Google Checks


If we did a Google Submission for you, we check Google for page indexing problems.

Depending on the results from Google and the legacy links from old indexing, this can be time consuming.

This also goes hand in hand with Links & Redirects.


This can take a minimum of 1 hour onwards and is done if there is time over on an SLA.*



Error Logs


This involves checking site PHP error logs for possible errors after upgrade.


This can take a minimum of 30 mins onwards.*


*Times above are basic guidelines only. We cannot guarantee times of any sort and can only give a guideline based on information received.


IMPORTANT: Unless an emergency or unforeseeable, all content SLA requests are to be made in writing via email (not WhatsApp) before the 15th of every month to ensure time is set aside for changes.


Not Included in the SLA


The following are not included in SLA maintenance:

  • New functionality.  Please contact us or view our Add-on's.
  • Digital design work (banners, image sourcing, other design work).
  • IT Support (we do not offer IT support but we will refer you if you need an 'IT' guy).


The Benefit of the SLA


Besides all security and checks listed above, there is also a financial benefit.

The finanical benefit of an SLA is that hourly rates are reduced by 50%.

Hours over and above the SLA are also reduced by an approximation of 25%.  This will kick in if you have reached your package hours for the month and need to go over the allotted SLA time.


Our usual hourly rate (Non SLA hourly rate) is R 500/hour.


See how our packages can save you money :-)


SLA Packages


You can choose your desired monthly hours.  The SLA inception (or package changes) will carry a required commitment of 3 months. 


1 Hour


R 250

2 Hours


R 500

3 Hours


R 750

5 Hours


R 1,250

10 Hours


R 2,500

20 Hours


R 5,000

Over monthly hours SLA = R 380/hour.


Web Updates Only


We offer a monthly option of website upgrades only as a standalone SLA option (upon agreement) without any other checks but is beneficial with other SLA checks.

R 100/month (no online shop)

R 200/month (with online shop)


Other Package Information


Custom packages are available at request. Please contact us to discuss a custom package.


Prepaid SLA hours are also available at R 400/hour and are usable within one year of purchase.

Monthly hours are non-accumulative (please refer to our Terms & Conditions).